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Speaking Through Art

Support Creativity

Our Banner for the Support Creativity Campaign reads:



We believe this captures our message in it’s simplest form because what we seek is for all members i.e: Families, Religious organisations, Academic Institutions, Companies, Investors, Public Servants and Leaders of our immediate Community and neighbouring Cities to recognise the Increasing level of creativity, innovation, social entrepreneurship and collaboration among youths in Ogun State, though one might say this is more of a desire than an existing situation. Well ! That’s the point!

The term “Create” suits our situation perfectly as it means for us, ‘to bring into existence” what isn’t present or present enough in our community. We want Ogun States’ cities to be an enabling environment for Youth innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive.

What does this entail:

⁃ Basically we need Youth Centric Innovation Hubs, Art Centres & Incubation facilities for Entrepreneurs, this is only part of several things that need to be put in place


⁃ Our Goal is to advance Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration for Development and Productivity among Youths in Ogun State


⁃ Raise Awareness


⁃ Attract Like minds


⁃ Curb Social Vices


The support creativity hashtag caught our eye from a campaign which was being promoted on UNESCO Social Media Platforms.


UNESCO 2018 GLOBAL REPORT was discussed online with the hashtag - #SUPPORTCREATIVITY and the Global Report Series is known to produce new and valuable evidence to inform cultural policy making and advance creativity for development.


Though #supportcreativity covers a wider range of subjects on UNESCO Platforms we have adopted the campaign to suit the needs among contemporaries in our community.

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By Combining forces with Public Authorities and through Investment in Youth and Culture, the Qualitative Leap towards the emergence of a new Governance in Africa is becoming a Reality that ultimately contributes to the Strengthening of Social Cohesion, A Creative Economy and the well-being of Citizens.

Mamou Daffe
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