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© 2018 KUTA Nigeria

Speaking Through Art

World Food Day


Terms and Conditions

Thank you for being on board for #Item7 by KUTA Nigeria. To enable proper organization and co-ordination of the activities and ensure a successful KUTA World Food Day event we'd like that you:

  1. Pay a non-refundable Vendors registration fee of Two Thousand Naira(2,000) for #Item7. Please note:

    • KUTA will create Meal Tickets of N500, N1,000 & N2,000 to organise sales during the event.

    • For each Ticket a guest buys to get a meal from vendors, 20% will be donated towards the ongoing #SupportCreativity Campaign. For instance, when a product is purchased for One Thousand Naira (N1,000), Two Hundred Naira (N200 ) which is 20% of the bill will be donated towards the Campaign.

  2. Cooperate with the KUTA Team and the event organizer on all event management and to aid our publicity.

  3. Give all information as regards all the materials and products that will be used whether for food/product preparation or food sales & presentation e.g. frying pans, blenders, plastic bags, nylons, et.c.

  4. Be present and have completed setup for product sales at least one hour before the event kicks off.